When I bought a Ford Torino GT – built in 1971 in the fall of 2009, I realized that I am quite lonely here in Germany. Not many are interested in the mid-size Ford model. Many drive a Mustang, perhaps still know the Thunderbird, but the Torino is completely unknown in Germany. Even Wikipedia calls the Ford Torino the forgotten model of the Ford Motor Company.

Clint Eastwood brought some light into the darkness with his film Gran Torino. But the film is guilty of the fact that every Torino is a Gran Torino. Starsky and Hutch in the 70s had the Gran Torino as a service car. The red „big fish“ with the striking white stripe is known by many people. Revived for the younger generation thanks to the movie in 2004 with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in the lead roles.

On this page you will find more than 7,000 pages of reading material and pictures about 9 years of construction. Whether Ranchero, Falcon, Fairlane or Torino – from 1968 to 1976 you will find everything your heart desires. I would like to gather some information with this page and maybe find one or two Torino drivers in Germany. Do you feel addressed? Then feel free to send me an e-mail or you can register right now in the free forum.