model year 1976

No more Gran Torino Sport available, 1,000 Starsky & Hutch models are built. Here are a few sample pictures of the respective models:

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Bodies:2-door hardtop
4-door sedan (pillared hardtop)
4-door station wagon
Model-combinations:9 pieces
Engines:351 cid (5.752ccm)V8 Windsor
351 cid (5.752ccm)V8 Modified
400 cid (6.555ccm)V8 – 335er Series
460 cid (7.538ccm)V8 – 385er Series
Wheelbase:114,0 in (2.896mm) - 2-door
118,0 in (2.997mm) - 4-door & station wagon
Length overall:213,6 in (5.425mm) - 2-door
217,6 in (5.527mm) - 4-door
222,6 in (5.654mm) - station wagon
Width overall:79,3 in (2.014mm)
79,0 in (2.007mm) - station wagon
Curb Weight:3.976 – 4.454 lb (1.803 – 2.020 KG)


Even the year 1976 brought hardly changes. The Gran Torino Sport was discontinued, so you could choose from 9 different models. Coupe and sedan as Torino, Gran Torino and Gran Torino Brougham and 3 station wagons. New in the program were an automatic parking brake and an electric opening of the trunk. “Opera Windows” and “Landau Roofs” (The Landau roof is a special form of vinyl roofing in automobiles). In this form only the rear part of the roof area is covered by a vinyl overlay and was available for all coupes. Visually, nothing changed from the previous year.

The engines remained unchanged, but the power consumption was improved. The 351 and 400 carburetor V8 took some power and torque, the 460 carburetor 4-liter carburetor took some performance. The rear axle ratio has been set to 2:75:1 to save fuel.

’74, ’75 and ’76 Gran Torinos appeared in the “Goldberg Production” series of Starsky and Hutch. The producer of the series were looking for a conspicuous vehicle as a main character. It was a gaudy red ’75 Gran-Torino Coupe built for the pilot series. To make the Torino even more conspicuous, a large white stripe was attached. 5-spoke alloy wheels and very large rear tires were also installed. The car was raised in the back to make it look like a rocket. As the TV show was very popular, Ford decided to launch a Replica version.

Exactly 1,000 “Starsky and Hutch” models were produced. The production began in March 1976 in the halls of Chicago. The rims from the film were not on offer, but they drew on the Magnum 500 back. During production, the entire vehicle was painted in white, the strip was taped and painted again in bright red (color code 2B). The stripe was a bit different than in the series and the rear axle was not raised. The Replica was offered with all engines. Seats were limited to red and white. One of the cars went to Goldberg Production as an exhibit.

A total of 193,096 units were produced. This was the last year for the Ford Torino. He was replaced by the Ford LTD II.