model year 1971

Hardly differences for ’70s model. Somewhat weaker engines to love the environment. Here are a few sample pictures of the respective models:

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Bodies:2-door hardtop
2-door fastback
2-door convertible
4-door sedan
4-door hardtop
4-door station wagon
Model-combinations:14 pieces
Engines:250 cid (4.097ccm)straight-six engine
302 cid (4.949ccm)V8 Windsor
351 cid (5.752ccm)V8 Windsor
351 cid (5.752ccm)V8 Cleveland
429 cid (7.030ccm)V8 – 385er Series
Transmission:3-speed manual transmission
4-speed manual transmission
Wheelbase:117,0 in (2.972mm)
114,0 in (2.896mm) - station wagon
Length overall:206,2 in (5.237mm)
209,0 in (5.309mm) - station wagon
Width overall:76,4 in (1.941mm) - 4-door
76,7 in (1.948mm) - 2-door & convertible
75,4 in (1.915mm) - station wagon
Curb Weight:3.141 –– 3.663 lb (1.425 – 1.662 KG


The 1971 model year brought little changes. The biggest change was the disappearance of the name Fairlane and the name Falcon was also deleted. The Torino series still consisted of 14 models. The basic model was the “Torino” as a coupe, sedan and station wagon. Then about the “Torino 500”, as a coupe, coupe hatchback, sedan with and sedan without B-pillar and again as a station wagon. Even higher was the “Torino Brougham”, which was available as a coupe, sedan without B-pillar and as a station wagon (which was also called Torino Squire).

The “Torino GT” was offered as a coupe hatchback and as a convertible and the “Torino Cobra” still as coupe hatchback. The styling was largely unchanged except minor modifications to the front grille and the taillights. The grill of the ’71 series can be recognized by a vertical division in the middle. The Cobra Grill remained the same, except for a small change to the chrome trim and an additional Cobra emblem in the middle. The taillights are no longer split in two but extend across the rear in full width. A redesigned emblem (now rectangular and no longer round) was mounted on the vertical divider on the grill. The Torino 500, Brougham, Squire station wagons and GT models also had the “Hideaway” headlights (which are expensively traded) on offer.

The engine range remained unchanged. All engines (except 429er) were slightly reduced in the compression, which of course led to a decline in performance. High insurance premiums for muscle cars and emission limitation were the reasons for this. The Torino Brougham should continue to be the luxury-oriented model. Additional sound insulation, hubcaps and nobler seat covers were installed. The “Hideaway” headlights were no longer series, but still available as an option. The Cobra received the factory 351-4V with 290 hp (213KW) and was now offered optional with the “Laser Stripe”, continue for the GTs.

326,463 vehicles were produced, slightly below the result of 1970. Only 1,613 Torino GT convertibles and 3,054 Torino Cobra were produced.