FMX Transmission

The Ford FMX 3-speed gearbox with hydraulic torque converter is only available for small blocks and has no converter bridge or overdrive. The transmissions are as follows:

  • 1st. gear: 2,39:1
  • 2nd. gear: 1,45:1
  • 3rd. gear: 1.00:1
  • Reverse: 2,09:1

The gearbox holds 10.5 liters of transmission oil (ATF Type F only) and is regulated by an additional radiator in the main water cooler. The FMX is rarely installed, but was already in 1968 in Ford and Mercury models with more steam in use. Tougher than the C4 is the FMX that comes with 400PS and more easily. Since 1971, the engine power went down sharply, the FMX actually has no reason anymore, the C4 was too easy for it. Therefore, the spare parts supply and the existing documenta-tion, but is not as abundant as the C4 or C6. Many changed easily in case of defects against a C4 or even on the more modern 4-speed gearbox. It was used in some trucks until 1981, mainly in Aus-tralia. Frequently, the FMX was installed in conjunction with the 351 Cleveland.
The FMX can be recognized immediately on the middle section (even with additional support!) made of cast iron. C4 and C6 housings are made entirely of aluminum.

PHA-B1968Ford302column shift - short extension
PHA-C1968Ford302column shift - long extension
PHA-H1972Mustang302console shift
PHA-H11972Mustang302console shift
PHA-H21972Mustang302console shift
PHA-J1972Fairlane, Torino302
PHB-A1968-69Ford390column shift
PHB-C1969Fairlane, Torino351-2Vcolumn shift
PHB-C11972Fairlane, Torino351c-2Vcolumn shift
PHB-C21972Fairlane, Torino351c-2Vcolumn shift
PHB-D1969Fairlane, Torino351-4Vconsole shift
PHB-E21971Mustang351-2Vconsole shift
PHB-E31971Mustang351-2Vconsole shift
PHB-E41972Mustang351-2Vconsole shift
PHB-E51972Mustang351-2Vconsole shift
PHB-E61972Mustang351-2Vconsole shift
PHB-F1969Fairlane, Torino351-4Vcolumn shift
PHB-G1969Fairlane, Torino351-4Vconsole shift
PHB-L1969Ford351column shift
PHB-L11970-71Ford351column shift
PHB-L21971Ford351column shift
PHB-L31972Ford351column shift
PHB-L41972Ford351column shift
PHB-L51972Ford351column shift
PHB-R1970Fairlane, Torino351-4Vcolumn shift
PHB-S1970Fairlane, Torino351-4Vconsole shift
PHB-V1970-71Ford351console shift
PHB-V11971Ford351console shift
PHB-Z1972Fairlane, Torino351c-2Vcolumn shift
PHB-Z11972Fairlane, Torino351c-2Vcolumn shift
PHB-Z21972Fairlane, Torino351c-2Vcolumn shift
PHB-Z31972Fairlane, Torino351c-2Vcolumn shift
PHD-A1969Ford240column shift
PHD-A11970-71Ford240column shift
PHD-A21971Ford240column shift, taxi & trailer towing
PHD-A41972Ford240column shift
PHD-A51972Ford240column shift
PHD-A61972Ford240column shift
PHD-B1969Ford302column shift
PHD-B11970-71Ford302column shift
PHD-B21971Ford302column shift, taxi & trailer towing